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Our Rebrand Inspo + a (Re)Launch Party!

What inspired our branding? Read on to learn more about what inspired our new branding, and rsvp to our launch event this Thursday (July 20th 2023, 6-8pm)!
Easy Tips for Positive Change on this Earth Day!

Let's Work Together this Earth Day!

  Today is Earth Day, and let's be real: EVERY day is Earth Day! The Earth takes care of us, providing light and soil for our food to grow, air...
This Year, In Focus: A Letter from Danielle

This Year, In Focus: A Letter from Danielle

"2022 showed us that even more drastic and dramatic change required us to be very in tune with our needs and the needs of our customers, and that we were better and stronger than many expected us to be. Read on..."
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The Subjectivity of Scent

A question that we get asked all of the time is: "Which scents are for men and which scents are for women?" Scent. Is. Subjective. Simply put, this means, you like what you like! Read on...