Lip Balms

Back again and better than ever, our lip balms are now 100% plastic free in our new fully printed compostable tubes! We also have 4 new flavors to choose from, and all flavors are all natural. Tubes are easy open and fully compostable.

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Lip Balm FAQ

Are your lip balm tubes compostable?

Once your product is completely used up, the tube can be composted in both home compost or industrial compost. Just wet and flatten prior to adding to home compost.

Are you lip balm flavors all natural?

They indeed are! We use a blend of natural flavors and lip safe essential oils to create our lip balm flavors.

Do your lip balms contain color?

They do not! All balms are color-free and will not leave a tint or a high gloss sheen.

My balm got soft in shipping. What do I do?

Sometimes those mailboxes, mail trucks, and porches can be HOT. If your balm is a little soft, just pop in upright into the fridge for 10 minutes and you'll be right as rain.

Do your lip balms contain a sweetener?

They do not! Sweetened balms tend to promote lip licking which dries your lips out. While that may help us sell more lip balms, it's not very nice to your wallet.