What are fragrances for men, and what are fragrances for women? For some, that may mean woody, spicy, outdoorsy, and light, floral, and airy, respectively. For us, we know that scent is subjective which can redefine fragrance into being more "unisex".
Our Fragrances Are

For everyone

And Here's Why

We guide, you choose

Our customers know themselves the best, and you all certainly don't need us telling you what scent to purchase solely based on your gender identity.

don't be afraid of you

There are plenty of men out there who love lavender, and there are plenty of women out there who love cedarwood. Love the fragrances you love.

Supporting Your Scent Journey

Is this your first time not being told who to be and what to like? Welcome! Need help figuring out which scent is for you? Filter products by scent type here, or reach out.

Subjectivity of scent

Fragrance Freedom™ is something we care deeply about. We care so much that, we even wrote a thrilling post about it. Learn more about how we tell other companies to "stuff it" with regard to gendered fragrance.