Easy Steps for Positive Change on this Earth Day!


Today is Earth Day, and let's be real: EVERY day is Earth Day! The Earth takes care of us, providing light and soil for our food to grow, air for us to breathe, land to live on, and we here at Soap Distillery try to take as many steps as we can to return the favor. While we as a company will continue to take steps both difficult and easy to improve our carbon footprint, it's easy to make small, everyday impacts to improve the current trajectory that we're on. Let's talk about it below!




While recycling seems fairly easy to do, many of us live in areas in which our recycling programs are not great, or, they do not exist. For example, my parents live in an area in which they have to purchase their own recycling bin, and once full, they have to drop their recycling off at an intake center that's a drive away from their house. The bin is not inexpensive, and many of you out there know how physically taxing it can be to continuously drop the bags off if you're older or disabled in any way.  This is yet another example of companies and organizations doing little to nothing in support of environmentalism while they put 100% of the work in our hands. But hey, if you've gotten this far, you know the best outcome can only happen if we all work together :)

When it comes to recycling, it's best to do what you can in your area, and continue to push your local politicians to improve the programs for your neighborhoods, cities, and states. If you do have access to recycling, make sure to follow your local guides to know what can be recycled or composted commercially.

Recycle - It's not always easy depending on the city or state you're in, however, it's best to do what you can and push your local politicians to improve these programs for the residents.




Many of us out there have lost the will to vote, and I COMPLETELY understand why. However, people are banking on us to just give up, but we must not. In order to further positive change we must vote for leaders who promote environmentalism, not those who choose not to believe in it or those who claim global warming isn't happening. Some of our leaders will continue to limit or take away voting access no matter what we say or what we need. Don't let them keep winning. Continue to fight and be positive, and spread awareness!




We all have containers that we reuse for a myriad of different things! This is an amazing practice because it prevents the need for new plastic production, as well as minimizes the amount of actual manufacturing needed for new containers. This limits factory waste.


If you love gardening, one awesome hack I try to use every year is to use cardboard egg cartons for my seed starting! It's awesome because the little egg pockets are the perfect size for starting many different types of plants, AND they are compostable! Just snip the pocket away from the main container once the plant is ready to be planted into the soil, and I like to make a small hole at the bottom which seems to help the new roots escape sooner.
Reuse - You can reuse cardboard egg cartons for seed starting! They are naturally compostable and super easy for cute and fun projects.


Working Together


Lastly, work together to spread these easy tips, and even share your own! How do you reduce, reuse, and recycle to make positive change? Let's hear it in the comments. :)


Happy Earth Day!

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