Sustainability isn't a buzzword around here, it's in fact, one of the main reasons why we started our business. We don't greenwash our message, and we aim to help transform the cosmetics and body care industry by using our three pillars of sustainability to drive our product development and design.

Our Three Pillars of Sustainability

image of crops growing in a field

Intentionally source ingredients and raw materials that are readily available. Rare, high cost materials are typically difficult, dangerous, or environmentally destructive to obtain

image of the en provence scrub bar in packaging sitting in dirt in a small planter full of herbs

Use and support the use of sustainable packaging in every way possible while limiting plastic use, or avoiding it entirely

Display responsibility at the manufacturing level. We not only aim to reduce production waste, however, through better packaging and raw material sourcing, we don't force all of the waste reduction action into the hands of the consumer

We're not your average soap company

We are driven by sustainability

Plus, we also like to have a bit of fun around here :)