Hi, it's me, Danielle! I am the owner and founder of Soap Distillery and I'm here to talk a bit more about our rebrand. It's probably no secret that our rebrand has drawn more color into our style, but, what inspired that? Read on to learn more about what inspired our new branding, and rsvp to our launch event this Thursday (July 20th 2023, 6-8pm)!

image of colorful selection of veggies and produce from a sky view

When some people think of color, they think of artificially colored lake based dyes that stain everything, they think of plastic toys from the 80s, and candies that will seemingly dye your tongue forever and ever that many of us ate as children (or yesterday, because YOU'RE NOT MY MOM). However, when I think of the full spectrum of color, I think of food and plants.

Yes. You read that correctly. I don't think of artificial pigments, I think of nature! It might seem weird to equate the bright colors of tasting the rainbow to things that occur naturally in the world, however, that's right where my mind goes. After reading this short article. I'm hoping that's where your mind will go too.

Our branding has always been a bit subdued, however, as a brand and as the creator of that brand, "subdued" is certainly not how I would describe us or myself (it's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me 🌈🌈🌈I love colors!). We've always stuck to the black and white theme and then added color through the products, and while planning this all, I thought, what if we lean more into color on the packaging which will allow the products to shine well before a customer physicality experiences it?

image of a colorful frog in the rainforest

When I think of nature, I think of this little frog and you know what? I don't see a single subdued color on this precious little being. We are actively breaking the narrative around what a safe and "good for you" product looks like because guess what? People aren't all the same so why should environmentally conscious products be this way? Why do we all have to look the same to get our point across? The secret is: we don't.

On the other side of the color coin is the unisex conversation. Many folks out there look at color as feminine however, I look at color as being universally for anyone who wants it. My guys out there who wear black and throw a lil color in where they can know what I mean :)

image of Low-Section-Of-Man-Wearing-Shoes-While-Sitting-On-Yellow-Wall

Color isn't feminine, nor is it masculine. Color IS unisex by definition (unless you're French and you're talking about nouns, but, let's not get into that right now) as "color" has no gender nor pronoun. So, for my guys out there, don't be afraid of color. It's your friend!

My question to you as the reader is, what inspires you and why?

Launch Party

Chicago! Want to see this color and give is a smell as well in person? Come to our launch party this Thursday! Reasons why you should come:

  • This event is free to the public!
  • We'll be raffling off two gift sets valued at $50 and $100 respectively
  • The raffle is free :)
  • Happy hour drinks are only $10!
  • A custom "Agave + Salted Peel" inspired cocktail (YES)
  • Music, fun, and snacks
  • Free smells!
  • All products will be available for purchase

Location: Rhinehall, 2010 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL

Tickets are limited! R.S.V.P. Here

Soap Distillery launch party poster. Event is Thursday, July 20th, 2023 at 6pm to 8pm

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