Bar Soaps

Smooth and creamy lather nourishes skin and doesn't over dry. Formulated without the use of palm oil, animal fats, or sodium lauryl sulfate, our bar soaps are perfect for everyday use.

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Handcrafted Cold Process Soap

A lot goes into making these bars! Watch the video to learn more about our team, our work, and our development process.

Bar Soap FAQ

How long does a bar of soap last?

If you allow your bar to dry completely between uses, your bar should last anywhere from 2-3 weeks with daily use.

What is the shelf life of the soap?

Technically endless. But after about 6 months, the fragrance isn't as strong and no one likes a wimpy smelling soap.

I don't like soap made with lye. Does your soap contain lye?

Nerd alert: The funny thing is that, hand and body soaps don't actually contain lye. However, there isn't a single soap on this planet that doesn't use lye to eventually become soap. We're gonna get all science-y on you here, but the reason why soaps don't actually contain lye but need it, is that it goes through a process called saponification.

Oils are mixed with a solution of sodium hydroxide (lye) and a water based liquid, and the chemical reaction we call saponification turns the mixture into soap. If it's a true soap, this is the process. We don't list sodium hydroxide in the final ingredients list because all of the lye is used to convert the vegetable oils. If you want to get really nerdy, we can say this as an example of a simple coconut soap: sodium hydroxide (NaOH) + Coconut oil (cocos nucifera) = sodium cocoate. That's coconut soap! Science is amazing.

Can I use your soaps on my face?

Absolutely! You can use our soaps all over. They are not tear free as no soap is (thank you very much, sodium), so use caution around little ones.

What is a solid body wash?

More often than not, a solid body wash is a bar of soap. Many companies use the term "solid body wash" or "body wash bar" to avoid the stigma of using a bar of soap, however, we here know that bar soap is great and whether it's called "bar soap" or "solid body wash", it's often the same thing and can be unnecessarily confusing to consumers.