The storm has passed, the dust has settled, and I can finally see all of the things that me and my team have accomplished this year. Being 100% transparent, we did not reach all of the goals I hoped we would this year, however, the adversity that we were able to overcome would have certainly crushed a lesser team and that isn't a brag; we put the WORK in. In the end, I am extremely proud of and feel energized by my team's drive, persistence, and gumption as we continued to make some of the best products around.

2022 showed us that even more drastic and dramatic change required us to be very in tune with our needs and the needs of our customers, and that we were better and stronger than many expected us to be.

These years have been challenging for our society, however, we learned to take in beauty and peace and happiness from everywhere we could, and I personally gained so much more of an appreciation for the beauty around me.

View of the "El" tracks in Chicago and view of the forest from a lighthouse in Door County, Wi

Even with small business ups and downs, I wanted to make sure that we never lost sight of our fun side and never took too many things too seriously. So we took time when we needed it, gave each other support, and never lost focus on things that made us happy.

Me as a houseplant for Halloween

Here's me hangin' with Aged and Infused, dressed as a Houseplant for halloween because I absolutely love Halloween and I LOVE houseplants and business friends.

Our goal will always be to manaufacture the absolute best products we could using the high bar of quality that has been set by our own beginnings. We know there are many other soap brands out there, we can't thank you all enough for continuing to recognize and support the work that we put into our products.

Soap Factory views on a quiet morning

Looking towards 2023, I cannot wait to bring all of you an even better Soap Distillery! Using the beauty that surrounds us, we've got plans for some amazing new scents and some new products that we hope will absolutely blow you away.

A custom Beer + Cigarettes cocktail made by Rhinehall for our "Nightmare Before Christmas" shopping event and Sam helping customers at Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Show

That Beer + Cigarettes inspired cocktail crafted by Rhinehall was SO delicious.
I cannot thank you all enough for making Soap Distillery what is is, and what is will be in the future. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours, and cheers to an even brighter 2023! We can't wait to bring you yet another year of awesome soap washing negativity down the drain.

-Love, Danielle

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