• Soap Distillery's Fall Collection. Brown Sugar Fig Bitters Pear Cider Stout Soap Bar. PSL Pumpkin spice soap

    The Fall Collection has Dropped!

  • Soap Distillery soap sample grab bag summer collection. Cold Process Soap Handmade BIPOC company mango soap, Watermelon Soap, Soap for Men, Soap for Women, Soap for Non-Binary, Unisex, androgynous scents

    Get those summer smells before they are gone for good

  • soap distillery natural soap. cold process formula. made in chicago in small batches. soap for men. soap for women. unisex scented soap. bipoc soap.

    Elevate Everyday. Make everyday a little special with a small burst of shower fun!

Committed to Sustainability. And Fun.

We take sustainability serious here, so you'll find most the products that we produce are plastic free. Our soap boxes are biodegradeable, and we do not use essential oils that are unsustainable to produce. Along with donating to local organizations, we make sure our products can also serve an important purpose, and a positive message to our fans and beyond.

Meet Soap Distillery.

Soap Distillery is a small company founded by me, Danielle Martin back in 2012. I was inspired by a lack of diversity between scented soaps found at my local health food stores and decided to take things into my own hands.