The Soap Distillery difference

Founded by Danielle back in 2012, Soap Distillery creates quality body and home goods with a focus on responsibly made, refined aromas. Every move we make is one made with intention. From sustainably sourced ingredients, to responsible manufacturing processes, to fully compostable packaging, we are committed to offering quality, planet-friendly goods.

What sets us apart

depth of field image of the agave + salted peel scrub bar in front of the agave candle and mint mojito soap

No Buzzwords

We know that cool buzzwords sell products while those buzzwords are cool and help sell products quickly, however, our products are, and will always be developed with customer safety and environmental responsibility in mind. We are truthful about what our products are and won't ever use popular marketing words to trick you into buying our products. We wish this was more of an industry standard.

image of mint julep, mango coconut, the bees knees, and pineapple ginger lip balms sticking out of soil as the tubes are compostable

Responsible Manufacturing

Did you know that less than 9% globally (less than 5% in the U.S.) of all plastic gets recycled out of the recycling stream? Even worse, did you know that it's not because you don't recycle enough? While over 90% of the world's plastic waste comes from manufacturing, we don't pass the recycling burden onto our customers. From in-house recycling programs, to reuse and preventative sourcing efforts, we take on manufacturing responsibility directly and the only thing we pass along to our customers is great body care at a fair cost.

close up image of the Rye Whiskey, beer + cigarettes, and bourbon candles in a lifestyle setting with plants in the background

Eating our cake, too

While we take sustainability, sourcing, and responsibility serious, we also know how to have a little fun. With our roots lying with cocktail themed fragrances, we know how important it is not just to create products that are environmentally friendly, but are also fun, unique, one of a kind, and colorful!

it's ok to

Feel Good

About What You Purchase