Hand and Body Washes

Our body washes are back, at a lower cost and a glass free and plastic free shatterproof bottle! Packaged in a white coated aluminum bottle and perfect for body, hands, and even hair if you're on the go.

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Hand and Body Wash FAQ

Is this a liquid soap?

That's a great question! While we obviously love soap, we wanted to offer our non-soapy customers a gentle cleansing option. This sodium lauryl sulfate free wash is gentle, full of aloe and nourishing botanicals, and has a slightly lower ph of 5-5.5 over our bar soap which has a neutral ph of 7.

Can I use this wash as a shampoo?

Absolutely! For lighter hair textures, this was works great as a simple shampoo. If you're looking for something more conditioning, check out our shampoo bars.

Does this wash have a slimy texture?

Unlike many liquid soaps in the market, this botanical wash does not have a slimy texture.

Can I reuse my pump?

Absolutely, and yes, we LOVE that! When you're out of wash, just save your pump and navigate back to this page to purchase the refill bottle which does not contain the pump.

How strong is the scent?

Our washes have a medium scent strength on average, but may be stronger or milder depending on the scent.