Botanical Body Oils

Now glass free and shatterproof! This is our tried and true, quick absorbing formula, that has been updated with a soothing botanical infusion of soothing aloe, nourishing oat that doubles as an anti-inflammatory agent, and calming calendula oil that naturally carries a mellow herbal scent.

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Body Oil FAQ

Can I use your body oils as perfume oils?

Technically, the answer is yes and no. Yes if you don't like strong fragrances, but no if you do. We like to use a lower fragrance load in our products to help prevent irritation. Irritation is often caused by products being fragranced far too high.

Can I use your body oils in a diffuser?

Sorry #notsorry, but no, you can't. Or at least, you shouldn't. Our body oils contain base oils like sweet almond oil, and are not made to be placed in a diffuser. Because they aren't pure fragrance and contain base oils, it makes them body safe. But you cannot, I repeat, cannot, and should not, use them in a diffuser, put drops on your pillow, put drops in your laundry, or etc. This would be equivalent to going in your kitchen, grabbing the olive oil, and trying to diffuse it or wash with it. No one wants that. But free free to use that olive oil to make a great salad dressing.

How long does your body oil last?

The fragrance should stay strong from up to a year, and if kept out of light, an unused bottle will last just as long. With daily use, you should still get anywhere between one to two months out of one bottle.

How does the oil not spill out of the bottle?

Great question! Our oils contain a small, reusable reducer cap that can be swapped into your refill bottle. This way, we can limit the amount of plastic needed for production while keeping this oil easy to use.

Does the bottle contain glass?

No it does not! We now use shatterproof aluminum for the bottles and we still use the same material for the caps :)