Exfoliating Body Scrub Bars

New product! In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint by x-ing out larger, heavier, glass jars, and to prevent glass breakage in the shower, we've developed a scrub bar! This plastic free waste free bar is easy to use post run or for home spa days (or regular days).

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Body Scrub Bar FAQ

What is a scrub bar?

Similar to a bar of soap, this bar is a solid product that contains oils. The cleansing power is not as strong as it would be in a soap bar since this product does not contain soap, but could be used in a pinch as a body cleanser.

Instead of scooping out scrub from a glass jar and worrying about that jar shattering, you can scrub and lose minimal product! No more worries about getting water into the jars or gifting it to someone who likes soap, but has never used a scrub.

How do I use this product?

To Use: Apply water to the bar and your skin and gently rub in circles. Once satisfied with the level of heavier exfoliation, place the bar down and continue to provide a mild exfoliation by massaging the area with your hands. Great for rough areas like elbows, knees, heels, and working hands.

For best results, let your bar dry completely in-between uses.

What is this bar used for?

Perfect for pre-shaving, post runs, or whenever you need to treat yourself to a home spa day, this plastic free, waste free bar exfoliates, moisturizes with a lotion like lather, and then washes away cleanly, leaving behind soft and refreshed skin.

Who is this scrub bar meant for?

Do you like soft skin? Or, do you have rough mechanic hands that are oily and dirty at the end of the day? Or, do you need a leg massage? Or...ok, you get the point. This product is for YOU!

What do I do once my scrub bar has gotten so small that it broke in half?

Once your bar has gotten so small that it breaks apart, just smash the pieces back together again and let dry. It'll turn into a smaller version of itself that can continue to be used until gone :)

Is this scrub bar TSA friendly?

It definitely is! Now you can finally travel with your scrub :)