Multipurpose Balms

Our hand balms are now multipurpose balms! Perfect for elbows, cuticles, knees, and dry, thirsty skin, these balms have been formulated to prevent transepidermal water loss which is the loss of water from your skin.

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Multipurpose Balm FAQ

How does this balm work differently than other body balms?

This balm works differently than your traditional body balm as ours contains ingredients that prevent transepidermal water loss, or, water loss through your skin. Naturally, as we go about our days, our skin evaporates water. It's not necessarily sweat, but it's why if you ever visit the desert, you may start the day with nourished skin and end it with dry skin.

Environmental factors such as hot dry air can make this worse, so it helps to have barrier or occlusive ingredients that help protect your skin from these environmental factors. Our multipurpose balms contain several different barrier ingredients, so you can feel more confident about preventing this water loss.

Can I use this balm on my lips?

While this balm is absolutely amazing, we do not recommend using this product on your lips as the fragrance is not lip safe. It's perfect for body use on dry areas such as elbows, feet, and cuticles!

What is the best use of this product?

We love putting this balm on after washing our hands or after taking a shower! The multipurpose balm works well to seal water from the shower onto your skin and tends to spread more easily when your skin is wet.

How strong is the scent?

As with most of our topical products, this product has a medium scent load to help prevent irritation and still offer a scent that you can smell on your skin.

How has this formula improved?

If you've purchased this item before, you may notice that it has a slightly drier feel to it. We've adjusted this formula so it's even less oily than before, and has an improved creamier texture.