Shower Beer - Conditioning Shampoo Bar

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The time has finally come...our shampoo bars are back and better than ever! We brought these on during the 2019 holiday season, and after getting rave reviews, we decided to make some for sale online! Each bar is good for an average of 60-80 washings and is FULLY BIODEGRADEABLE! 


Shower Beer is perfect for normal to oily hair, fine hair, or folks who wash their hair every day. This bar contains moisturizing hops extract and mild conditioning agents for soft hair that isn't weighed down. This bar smells of bergamot, sweet orange, and pine. Naturally scented.

Approximately 2.4 oz 

Product comes in full recyclable and commercially compostable packaging!



Shower Beer Ingredients: sodium coco isethionate, sodium cocosulfate, behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol, trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate, coconut oil, castor oil, hops extract, essential oil blend, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolyzed rice protein, panthenol, di-PPG-2 myreth-10 adipate, citric acid, oxides

Product notes: all shampoo bars are phthalate, nitro musk, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Please store your handmade shampoo bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life, and keep out of the sun. Due to the hand-cut/handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colors may slightly vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love it!

I received my beer shampoo bar today. I used it and my hair has never looked better!, Not weighed down, soft and manageable!! Better than any shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. Thank you for such an amazing product!! Oh , and the smell is wonderful!

Ann Shaw
Love it!

I received my beer shampoo bar today. I used it and my hair has never looked better!, Not weighed down, soft and manageable!! Better than any shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. Thank you for such an amazing product!! Oh , and the smell is wonderful!

You Got Yourself Another Customer!

I found this soap randomly at my local Co op and am blown away by the results. I love the idea of bar shampoo so I have tried probably about a dozen different brands over the years and non of them work at all. They often leave my hair feeling coated, weighed down and require some kind of acidic hair rinse to remove residue(still didn’t work for me). I would be left with dry ends, coated roots and overall dull weighed down hair. But I want to love a shampoo bar so after awhile I would renew my faith and try again! This time the results are what I’ve always wanted! A waste free, small, portable shampoo and conditioner bar that is cost efficient and leaves my hair feeling great. Minimalism hair care that works. I have fine hair and this bar is incredible for my hair. I am able to easily go three days in between washes. I will continue to buy this product as long as you make it(which I hope is a very long time). Thank you!

Amanda Wilcox
Love It but a Bit Drying

I don’t know if it’s my skin or the soap but I find the shampoo bar & body wash bar a bit drying to my skin. The hand soap doesn’t do this to me. I love the soap, the smell, the way it cleans. I highly recommend this brand to everyone and have even bought it as gifts for others.

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for your feedback! We wanted to follow up on the drying aspect of your review: were you referring to a dry feeling in your scalp after using this shampoo bar, or was the shampoo being used as a body bar and the dry feeling was more of a body feel? This information will help us understand your experience a bit better :) We appreciate it!

Jennifer B
it's a bar! It's shampoo! it's conditioner!

the best bar shampoo I have used! My hair is med-fine texture and gets too oily if I don't shampoo at least every other day. This bar provides just enough conditioning that I do not use a separate conditioner with it at all and my hair stays nice for 48 hours! Also I have colored sections of hair and this seems to be perfectly safe for it!

KJ Garner
No glass in the tub!

Fabulous foam, great smell, exceptionally portable. If you can't have an actual shower beer, this is a very close second.

uyenthi tran myhre
Perfect everyday shampoo

I’ve used a few shampoo bars from other places but they never lathered enough for my personal preference. This one had a great lather, smell, and leaves my hair feeling great. I have straight, fine hair but lots of it and I have to shampoo everyday otherwise it gets oily and this is perfect for it. It’s summer now and I find I don’t have to use a conditioner with it, but may add one in the winter months. Will definitely repurchase!

Jana Tropper
Finally! Something that makes my oily, thin hair look like a shampoo commercial!

I've had a hard time finding a shampoo that's both light enough not to leave my oily, thin hair with a bunch of build up *and* cruelty free, but this shampoo bar has been amazing. It lathers easily and instantly detangles my hair (which I am sure is in extra rough shape since I haven't had it cut in almost a year now). The scent is fantastic but not overwhelming. If my hair is extra gross (post workout, missed shower), I'll occasionally use a clarifying shampoo, but the Shower Beer shampoo bar is my new go-to. A single bar has lasted me more than two months of 3-4 times/week washes and is still going! I had never used a shampoo bar before this, and now I can't imagine going back to bottle shampoo for routine washes.