Iced Coffee Body Scrub

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Coffee lovers, this is for you! This super scrubby scrub will energize your skin and give you a minty refresh. Yum!


This one's for you, coffee lovers!

An abundance of Shea Butter makes this scrub inherently high in vitamin E. This sugar scrub will not only give you exfoliation, but it also washes cleanly away from your skin unlike traditional sugar scrubs. As the sugar dissolves, the lotion like lather with boosts from shea butter and other nut/fruit oils will take over and do the work. Treat your body to this gentle but effective scrub!


Approximately 9.7 oz.

ingredients: Raw cane sugar, ground coffee, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, polyglyceral-3 methyglucose (natural plant source), essential oil blend, tocopherol (vitamin e), rosemary extract

Product notes: All On The Rocks scrubs are phthalate, nitro musk, detergent, silicone, and paraben free. Because this is handmade, variances may occur. Please use a spoon or similar tool to obtain the scrub from the jar to prolong its life. Do not introduce water into this product. While the scrubs are designed to wash away cleanly, please use caution when entering and exiting your tub. After three months of being opened, please discard any remaining product.

Customer Reviews

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Martin Duffy
The Best There Is!

Like every item created by The Soap Distillery, the Iced Coffee Body Scrub is aromatic and revitalizing! Great stuff!! AAAA++++

T. Malloy
A really good scrub!

I really enjoyed using this coffee scrub! My skin felt soft after using and as a chronic coffee drinker, the smell was amazing! I recommend it to anyone.

Mary Ann Rindt

Such a wonderful product. Everyone should try this. The smell is sublime and it makes your skin smooth as silk.


LOOOOONG time user and first time reviewer. I've been using Soap Distillery's products for years and figured it was about time to show some love. This scrub is one of my absolute favorite skin care products. It leaves your skin so smooth and hydrated without leaving any of that gross oily feeling- it's so perfect I don't even need lotion afterwards (which is saying something because I'm a habitual skin hydrater). The smell is also fantastic- it hits you with a deep coffee smell and a hint of mint. It's almost like those Andes chocolates but coffee forward.
We love these products so much we buy them for all our friends as gifts. And now they love them some much WE get them as gifts too. Let's just say no one leaves a holiday party unhappy.

Matthew Kane
Holy shit.

Best bath product I’ve ever had. Will be reordering soon.

Amber Finnegan
Love it!

I absolutely love this scrub. I feel like I’m drinking coffee and getting clean at the same time. This leaves my skin happy and moisturized. I will definitely be buying more.

Margaret Myszka
Best Body Scrub I've Ever Used

When I was gifted this, I was super skeptical because I do not like body scrubs. When I think of them, I usually think of them being greasy and leaving my tub super slippery. Not this! It makes my skin feel the smoothest it's ever been, without feeling greasy. The tub isn't slick afterwards, and it smells good too! I love it! It's really messy, but a quick hose down of the tub is worth it!

Katie Paradis
Cannot say enough good things about this scrub.

This stuff is amazing! I work in a bike shop so I get pretty dirty after a full day. I use this scrub on my arms, particularly my underarms, after a long day to get ride of all the smells and dirty. It works wonders! My underarms are sensitive so I pair it with natural deodorant and have zero issues, which is a huge plus. The scrub helps remove dry skin on my upper arms and moisturize after. I cannot say enough good things about this scrub. Also, I hate the taste of coffee, but I LOVE the smell of it and this scrub really hits the spot! I also have the Rosé scrub and love it just as much.