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Cucumber Rosewater Botanical Perfume OIl

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Inspired by one of my favorite martinis in Chicago, this perfume blend smells absolutely divine! Crisp green notes of cucumber dance with floral notes of rose and and herbaceous whisper of juniper berries. 


Cucumbers aren't just good for bags under your eyes! They are like, delicious too.


Our perfume oils are packaged in a convenient roller bottle that can be taken everywhere and used whenever you need a little pick me up. The oils are infused with botanicals that continue to boost the fragrance throughout the life of the oil. The base used for the perfume oils is a velvety blend of triglycerides and jojoba oil to leave the skin nice and soft without being oily. Packaged in a glass roller.

Approximately 0.35 fl oz


Ingredients: triglycerides, fragrance and essential oil blend, jojoba oil.

Product notes: Please keep this out of the sun to prolong the life of the product. Use caution as oil can make surfaces slippery. Make sure the oil has been absorbed before putting on lightweight clothing.

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