Beer + Cigarettes Intensive Hand Balm

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Got dry hands? Then this product is for you! Our new, palm oil free hand balms provide your hands with protection again transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Your skin is made up of three important layers with the epidermis being at the top. If your epidermis is stressed or damaged, it can cause water to evaporate out of your body from that area. This protective balm is great after hand washing, but also great to help soften elbows, knees and feet. 

Scent: Beer and Cigarettes? Now, don't go thinkin' about that stale beer you took a sip of this morning trying to get a little hair of the dog, and found out that someone at your party last night put their cigarette out in it...but think bigger. And oh, let's say better. This scent fits the theme of fun, but also fits the theme of "OMFG, that smells amaze-balls". It smells of green dried tobacco leaves, freshly cut lavender buds, and just a touch of damp oakmoss. It's a fresh, but masculine scent that is loved by all.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, organic beeswax, myristyl myristate, avocado oil, sorbitan olivate (olive source), jojoba oil, fragrance blend, vitamin e (tocopherols), rosemary extract.

Product notes: all hand balms are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Please keep out of the sun. Due to the hand-poured nature of the balms, volume may slightly vary. Approximately 2 fl oz

Customer Reviews

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Casey V.
A Wintertime life saver!

I just love everything about this hand balm. Living where it gets so cold in the winter, my hands are always cracked and this balm saved me! Plus the smell is just my absolute favorite, I cannot get enough of the beer and cigarettes scent! I want it in every product I use!

Michele Hart
Love it

This balm is amazing for dry hands! The smell is absolutely heavenly as well. I recommend all of the Beer and Cigarettes line!

Lisa Klaslo
They loved it

I bought this as a gift for my SIL. She lives in NOLA. Both her and my brother loved the scent and the products overall.

Elizabeth Tenner
Wish the scent lingered like the candle does

I love love the candle --- been gifting it to friends and family for the past 2 years -- bought the balm -- it just doesn't give me the same feels.

Mary Ann

Smells great, soothing, creamy and it keeps your hands smooth.

Beer and cigarettes

Absolutely love beer and cigarettes soap , body oil, and now this new intensive hand balm my favorite!

Molly Black
Great product!

I work in the hospitality industry so I’m constantly washing my hands, which, needless to say leaves them dry and cracked. This is the only hand balm that actually soaks into my skin and leaves me feeling velvety smooth! And, it smells great too. Will be purchasing again!

Nightly Ritual

I am one of those nuts who does their mani every week and has too many nail polishes to want to admit to, so having well taken care of hands is an obsession for me. This balm has become part of my nightly hand care routine. It's delicate but deeply moisturizing, makes my cuticles soft, and a little truly goes a long way. The scent itself is musky and deep, present but not overwhelming. Definitely one of my favorites from this shop. Will most certainly be ordering another pot in the future.