Beer + Cigarettes Candle

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Beer and Cigarettes? Now, don't go thinkin' about that stale beer you took a sip of this morning trying to get a little hair of the dog, and found out that someone at your party last night put their cigarette out in it...but think bigger. And oh, let's say better. This candle fits the theme of fun, but also fits the theme of "OMFG, that smells amaze-balls". It smells of green dried tobacco leaves, freshly cut lavender buds, and just a touch of damp oakmoss. It's a fresh unisex scent that is loved by all.

Soy wax and pure cotton wicks give these candles the cleanest burning experience. 

This listing is for ONE candle, 8.0 ounces, 40 hour burn time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris Sprengel
So good

I want to dry the liquid soap of this smell!!


We were going to give this candle as part of a gift, but not any more! This one is staying with us. Love the scent

Jesus Barajas
Loved the candle

Enjoy every moment when the the candle is lite..

Jessica Mancini
I liked it

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. However, it has a nice scent

Heather M Reed
Perfectly balanced scent!

Love this grounding scent! Not too earthy - just perfect!

Shannon Sapolich
Love it!

I bought this candle as a gift after a friend of mine had it at her house. It smells wonderful and looks great. Thanks for a fantastic product!

Jonathan Herman
Such pleasant vibey nostalgia

I love this scent so much. I first discovered the soap and body wash at my friend' store in Joshua Tree, and something about that smell, it's just so nice, so relaxing, and brings me back to earlier times. That combo of tobacco and hops really gets my endorphins flowing. Dunno why-- there's some magic in there! The candles are fantastic, and I'm actually quite addicted to them. Thanks, Soap Distillery! You have made quarantine so much more bearable.

Wendy Roberts
Surprisingly smooth

I love the scent of Beer and Cigarettes in both soap and candle forms. The fragrance is woodsy with tones. I love the way the soap feels in my skin. Clean, fresh and moisturized. The candle burn clean and the scent lasts the entire life span of the candle. Supporting a USA small business is the icing on the cake