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Thanks for your interest in Soap Distillery! Here's a little information about the company:

Danielle, owner, soap maker, ceo

photo credit: Ronit Bezalel Photography


  • Soap Distillery is a company that makes booze themed bath and body care.
  • Soap Distillery's operations are located in the Industrial Corridor area of Chicago.
  • Soap Distillery was founded in 2012 by Danielle Martin, after being unsatisfied with the typical body product offerings at the local natural foods stores.
  • Danielle is a 100% self taught creator who has years of extensive experience and knowledge under her belt.
  • All Soap Distillery products are made right here, in the USA.
  • The Soap Distillery team is small, BUT MIGHTY! We get a lot done :)
  • Soap Distillery is a proud, black owned, woman owned company. 
  • All Soap Distillery products are plant based, utilizing the best that nature has to offer.
  • Soap Distillery soaps do not use palm oil, and our goods are 100% made from scratch.

 Mango Lassi soap bar

 Image credit: Courtney Laper Photography




From our founder:

Soap Distillery was founded by me, Danielle, as an answer to a rather boring problem: I was tired of the same ol' options I kept finding in the store. I decided to learn how to make my own soap, and put a boozy spin on it. The idea wasn't to smell drunk, but to make cocktail themed soaps with deliciously layered scents.As mentions,

"And we promise these suds, scrubs and bubbles will never leave you smelling like a hipster barback with an affinity for Bourbon, but instead indulging your body in the sensorial experience—think vanilla, vetiver and clove.

I pride myself on making the scents smell good, but also making sure that the scent layering is correct and balanced. Bicycling Magazine breaks down my process a little bit: 

"you can’t just dump in a bunch of Maker’s Mark and end up with a bourbon-scented product. So Martin breaks down each component of a scent, then finds an essential oil that matches. For bourbon that means adding vanilla, wood, and spice notes"

These scents are perfect for the cocktail enthusiast, foodie, or adventurous person in your life. There's really something here for everyone. Sometimes the solutions to life's problems are much more simple that you would have thought. Chicago Magazine put's in eloquently:

"Danielle Martin has figured out a better hangover cure than hair of the dog: hair-of-the-dog soap."

Our scents truly do combine the best parts of that post work shower beer with a great soap recipe. As Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine quotes:

"Soap Distillery, a line of cocktail-inspired bath and body products, combines the pleasure of nightcaps with nightly soaks."


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