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Kickstarter and Shout Outs!


You guys, I have some exciting news: Soap Distillery is running a Kickstarter campaign! SD needs help getting to the next important steps, and you can make a difference. In order to expand our studio, support increasing demand, and offer classes, we need a little push. Take a look at our campaign and back our project!



Need some convincing? These beautiful souls below have donated, deserve a shout out, and let's just face it, they are pretty damn cool and there's only one way to be as cool as they are...(hint hint):

Guest 1357262559
Kim W.
Melissa Y.
Katherine B.
Bradley K.
Arturo V.
Michelle S.A.
Searah D.
Martin D.
Anabell S.
Brooklyn F.
Jen B.
Stacey D.
Jenn S.
Mark T.
Alston L.L.
Katja L.
Mike N.
Kristin M.
Elen K.
Guest 1055473177
Guest 282447911
Guest 1395311808
H Lynnea
Guest 1771274945
Debra S.
Rebecca P.
Rawny S.
Judy L.
Mary L.
Lee D.
Guest 1814751928
Sarah Y.
Sara U.
Marie S.
Garrett P.
Wesley B.
Caitlin C.
Carly V.
Guest 1325515517
Shannon O. 
Sydney F.B.
Sinead W.
Lawston F.
Laura L.
Christopher J.
Guest 76863124
Jennifer F.
Amy B.
Guest 457211346
Maria L.
Greyson H.
Mallory Y.
Jessico D.
Nicole L.
Guest 805941321
Guest 1225372327
Kristin R.
Kristin E.
LaZell M.
Hannah T.
Guest 1292025366
Emily K.
Amanda N.

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