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**now taking orders for the FALL BOX which will ship early September!!***

Ever wanted the early scoop on our seasonal soaps? Sign up for this subscription box, and be the first! This subscription box is available for a 1 season, 2 seasons, or 4 seasons subscription, and gives you a great flight assortment of items! The box includes 3 soaps from the current season, one lip balm from the current season, and an assortment of samples of any product we make and/or test products! Check out the details below to see what comes in the box for each season and when those are available.

These seasonal boxes will be sent TWO WEEKS before those seasonal soaps and lip balm are available to the public. Get it first! It's great if you want to try out a bunch of new things, be the first to sample new products, or even if you have gifting coming up. We make it easy to plan ahead!

How it works: 

If you are new to signing up, the first box you will receive will be from the current season. If you sign up for 2 seasons, you'll get the current season, as well as the box for the following season. 4 seasons will get you the current season, as well as the boxes for the following 3 seasons. Shipping costs are included in your subscriptions. Here's the base of what comes in each box:

SPRING: Available from February 15th through May 31st. Shipping begins early February.
1. Aviation soap bar
2. Earl Grey soap bar
3. Bloody Mary soap bar
4. Aviation lip balm
5. Product Samples/Tests

SUMMER: Available from May 15th through August 31st. Shipping begins early May.
1. Mai Tai soap bar
2. Mango Lassi soap bar
3. Watermelon Basil Gimlet soap bar
4. Mai Hai lip balm.
5. Product Samples/Tests

FALL: Available from August 15th through November 14th. Shipping begins mid August.
1. Pumpkin IPA soap bar
2. Rusty Nail soap bar
3. Fig Bitters soap bar
4. Pumpkin IPA lip balm
5. Product Samples/Tests

WINTER/ HOLIDAY: Available from November 1st through February 28th*. Shipping begins early November. This one is GREAT for holiday shopping!
1. Whiskey Milk Punch soap bar
2. Hot Toddy soap bar
3. Hot Buttered Rum soap bar
4. Egg Nog lip balm
5. Product Samples/Tests
*if you order this subscription box in January or February and would rather start with the Spring box instead, just send us a message!

Shipping charges are automatic, and will be refunded.


Ingredients: Please see individual listings for product ingredients and details!

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