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Future Adventures Soap Bar - Distiller's Series

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We're missing our normal adventures something fierce over here, and we can't wait to get back into it again. We miss hiking, we miss that fresh forest air that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and we miss those forest smells. So next up in our Distiller's Series is an ode to forest bathing: Future Adventures. This biggie 5oz soap smells like the cool forest right after a rain when the sun comes back out and heats everything up. It's got chunks of soap that represent wild flowers and a scrubby coffee forest floor for a light exfoliation. It's smokey and sweet, woodsy and floral, dusty and damp; It really smells like a little bit like dried fir needles and flowing streams and the #greatoutdoors 🌲🍂🌺🌳. Are you missing your adventures? Until we can meet up with them again, take a slice of forest bathing home with you!


About our new Distiller's Series: Our Distiller's Series exists to bring us back to our roots: creating for the sake of creating. Sometime we have ideas that don't fit well within the line, but we really want to try them. Or sometimes we are obsessed with an ingredient we want to play with. Or sometimes sometimes, our travel inspires scents for one time, unique products. That's what our Distiller's Series is about. It's about passion projects. It's about us creating something unique, even to us, and still being able to share it with you without having to fit within any specific box. We can be wild and free and share more of the crazy stuff that pops up in our heads with YOU!

Our high olive oil recipe makes this a milder bar, and it is inherently high in vitamin E. Cold process soaps also have naturally occurring glycerin, which draws moisture to your skin. Our soaps are perfect for everyday use, all over the body. 

Approximately 4 oz.

Ingredients: saponified oils (olive, coconut, sunflower), soap chunks, soap shavings, essential oil and fragrance blend, coffee grounds, oxide, miscellaneous additives from other soaps (botanicals, oxides, etc) , rosemary extract (antioxidant)

Product notes: all soap bars are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Please store your handmade soap bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life, and keep out of the sun. Due to the hand-cut/handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colors may slightly vary.