Elderflower Mimosa Soap Bar

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Scent: Elderflower liqueur has the ability to make even the blandest cocktail slightly more upscale. The flower petals themselves do not carry much scent, as the essential oil doesn't heavily reside in the petals, but the scent that it does carry is a very mild honeyed citrus fragrance, with a hint of white floral. Take that scent, and combine it with freshly squeezed oranges and a popped bottle of champagne, and you've got an Elderflower Mimosa!

Adding a little elderflower liqueur to your mimosa is a good and easy way to step up your brunch game. Just add 0.5 ounces of it to your next Mimosa and use buzz words like "dichotomy" and "citrus forward" to impress your friends.

Ingredients: saponified oils (coconut, olive, sunflower)  essential oil and phthalate free fragrance oil blend, calendula petals, french pink clay, rosemary leaf extract.

Product notes: all soap bars are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and palm oil free!  Please store your handmade soap bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life, and keep out of the sun. Due to the hand-cut/handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colors may slightly vary. Our high olive oil recipe makes this a milder bar, and it is inherently high in vitamin E. Cold process soaps also have naturally occurring glycerin, which draws moisture to your skin. Our soaps are perfect for everyday use, all over the body. Approximately 4.0 oz

Customer Reviews

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Christy Bateman
Love this soap

This scent is another winner! I have loved all the bars I have tried and this one is ranked up there with one of my favorites.


I am sooo picky about soap bars. Either they are loaded with terrible things for you, smell weird, or dry out your skin. This bar is, by far, my favorite soap bar. When using, the lather gives a hydrated clean feeling, and the texture of the bar also exfoliates the skin. Soap Distillery understood the assignment; 10/10 Recommend!!


I am a huge fan, this scent is amazing. My order was shipped and arrived in a timely manner. Not only that but I got a little sample of lavender. The small thoughts make a huge difference

Sarah Sreedhar
Amazing Smell!

Straight out of the box, this Elderflower Mimosa smelled heavenly. I haven't used the soap yet (waiting for it to warm up a bit) but I am looking forward to it!

Holly Dain
Smells so good

I love your soaps. The fragrance is amazing and lasts all the way thru the soap. I love the texture and the fresh feeling it gives me

Casey Girard
Smells so good!

We love this soap. It has a great lather, lasts long, and smells wonderful. I ordered one bar for myself and was told I had made an error and needed to order one for every person in my house.

The best thing about my mornings

I really hate mornings, but this soap makes them a little more bearable. I know that sounds crazy, but it's got such a comforting scent and literally always puts a smile on my face. I wish more products (like the body oil- hint hint) came in this scent.

so nice!!

i got a sample of the elderflower in my order of limoncello soaps. i am buying this scent IMMEDIATELY the moment i run out of the limoncello!! it's floral without being overpowering and just smells totally amazing