Tonic Mineral Salt Soak

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A crisp blend of citrus, woods, and bitter herbs to create a surprisingly invigorating and refreshing scent. Complete with eucalyptus leaves for optimal chill. Naturally fragranced.


Tonic water isn't just good with gin! Whiskey lovers, this one's for you too.


Our mineral salt soaks are full of Mediterranean and dead sea salts that provide over 20 different minerals to help you achieve true chill mode. Comes with a muslin bag in case you'd like to filter out the botanicals. Just add the salts to the bag and place the bag in the tub. Clean after use and the bag can be reused!

Approximately 9.5 oz

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, dendritic salt, botanicals, essential oil blend.

Product notes: all salt soaks are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative, and oil free to prevent tub slipping!  Please keep the cap on when not in use and keep out of the sun. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this product. The scent is sophisticated, awakening, beautiful, not a frilly scent.

Andy Carpenter
I am the gin in my bath cocktail

Really enjoy the botanical action in these bath salts. It's very refreshing, much like the cocktail it's named after!

Kyle Janis
Like epsom salts on steroids

Long day at the gym? Working on your feet? Just tired and sore for no reason because life is a constant nightmare? Well the Tonic Mineral Salt Soak will bring you back to life and make you feel like the world just might be okay. Relieves aches, pains, and existential dread.

Lisa Westholder

After a very long day, I decided to use this mineral soak and it was AMAZING. It smells wonderful. Sustainability is important to me and they provide a reusable cloth bag! It's used to make sure the herb pieces don't do down your drain. I cannot recommend this enough!!

PS- why wait for a rough day? Use it on good days as well :)

Elizabeth D.
Tonic Mineral Salt Soak

Love the product and packaging...just wish the size was a bit larger for the price.