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Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender!

Written by Danielle Martin


Posted on October 19 2017

Dried Lavender Buds
Why Lavender is the Bees Knees (like, for real)


With the upcoming holiday season, I have been finding myself fairly stressed out and wondering "If I'll get it all done in time". I mean, I am planning on this year being the best holiday season yet, and I have been thinking about it since July! Like, f*** you summer, I've got more important things to think about! Not really though. I f***ing LOVE summer. Ok, back on track.


Not to get all preachy here, but I have been using my Lavender Bitters soap more than anything else as of late because of the calming benefits of lavender! Lavender is thought to host a myriad of benefits, including but not limited to pain relief, dandruff relief, and yes, you guessed it, calming nerves! Now, I am NOT a doctor (surprise surprise) and can't verify the true healing benefits of lavender, but I can say that it truly does relax me. I've even made a lavender spray to put on my pillow at night for a restful sleep!


The bees love it, so, why the hell not right? Plus, there are so many culinary things you can do with lavender like make tea, lavender sugar, or you know, lavender bitters! Feeling stressed out and need a relaxing soap? Try our Lavender Bitters soap bar. And while you're at it, you might as well treat yourself to the rest of our lavender line. Are you ready for real chill?



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